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REAPER 3.4  

аватар: ReVizer

REAPER 3.4 - March 24, 2010

Download: http://reaper.fm/download.php

Changes: CC Revival

MIDI editor:
action to show raw MIDI data
better drawing/editing for CC events that occur at the very end of the item
CC lane marquee selection, drag or copy selected CC events
CC lane context menu (select/unselect all events in lane, nudge events, etc)
correct overlapping notes whenever they occur
ctrl+drag to resize one CC lane only, shift+drag to accordion all CC lane sizes
finer control of mousewheel vertical zoom
fix for resizing notes up to the left or right edge of the parent item
fixed marquee selection for drum-mode notes
fixes for vertical zoom when user preference is to center on mouse cursor
improved event list properties dialog
many actions apply to all selected note and CC events
preferences for sweeps/ramps to affect only selected CC/velocities
preserve CC event selected/unselected state
remove CC events with duplicate times and the same status/channel
support clipboard copy/paste between piano roll, event list, and some external applications
preliminary bridging support (to run 32 bit plugins on 64 bit, PPC plug-ins on Intel, etc)
ReWire slave support (enable slave mode in prefs/plug-ins/ReWire)
Audio Units: bridging/firewalling support, with per-FX options (similar to existing VST bridging)
Audio Units: pass through REAPER key commands shortcuts when plug-in GUI is focused
Audio Units: more consistent GUI updating when playing back FX automation
Audio Units/VST: enable text entry in edit fields, pass through other keystrokes for Carbon-based plugins
CoreAudio: improved samplerate changing, detect changes on the fly and reinit device
64 bit version is now named REAPER64.app, better .dmg labels (shows arch)
improvements to plug-in loading code (fewer crashes when plugins are missing dependencies)
ReaNINJAM: better support for removing / readding VST
spawn new REAPER instance is now supported, basic command line option support
Ripple editing:
better behavior moving items left/right followed by up/down
better behavior when moving items left (configurable in prefs/editing behavior)
better behavior when using ctrl+drag copy of items
fixed ripple all moving via action, with locked items affecting rippled markers
better handling of ASIO reset messages when project samplerate is set
fix for unicode characters in new Vista+ file open/save dialogs
prevent errors on audio devices that display error messages via MessageBox
Vista+ file dialog for source properties and save track template file dialogs
Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 multi-touch gestures can be mapped to REAPER actions
per-gesture options for reverse, scaling, disabling inertia, improved zooming
fixed resampling for media of more than 32 channels
internal checks to behave better when out of memory/address space
decreased RAM use in higher quality modes
fix for occasional dropped keystrokes that are meant to be passed through to REAPER
internal scanning/resolving tweaks
Action: adjust last touched FX parameter (mousewheel/MIDI CC)
CPU usage: optimizations with high track counts (solo sibling calculation caching)
Elastique: updated to v2.12 (fixes x64 quality issue)
Envelopes: preference for double-click to add envelope point, or reset existing point to center
Item properties: better-looking fadein/fadeout menus
MIDI controllers: fix for occasional disappearing action mappings
Mixer: save/restore exact visibility of FX, FX parameters, and sends
Mousewheel: enable relative zoom for mice that send finely-grained mousewheel data
MP3: fixed poor quality render with VBR encoding on OSX and Windows x64
Preferences: save/restore last preferences page visited when closing/opening REAPER
RAM usage: drastically reduced memory use when drawing waveform peaks in certain instances
ReWire: workaround for Pro Tools crashing on exit when REAPER is ReWire slave
Tempo maps: lower CPU use for projects with large tempo maps (helps VST time info as well)
x64: support bridging/firewalling of x64 VSTs, including 32-bit REAPER in WoW64
x86/x64 bridging: internal improvements and bugfixes

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre1 - March 25 2010

+ Actions: snap selected media items to nearest snap point left/right/either
+ Actions: move selected envelope points left/right a little bit or by grid, up/down a little bit
+ Envelopes: fix for hard-to-edit envelope point when snapping to many small media items on the track
+ MIDI editor: update CC lane usage indicator immediately when adding or deleting in CC lane
+ Resampling: internal cleanups, freeing of unused memory when changing modes
+ Themes: zipped theme image support, ReaperThemeZip support (for combination of theme + images)
+ Themes: default themes are now included in the new format for faster installs/USB copies/first runs


+ Themes: zipped theme image support, ReaperThemeZip support (for combination of theme + images)

Папку с изображениями темы теперь можно (по желанию, старый способ тоже действителен) сжимать в ZIP, назначив расширение *.ReaperIconsZip.

+ Themes: default themes are now included in the new format for faster installs/USB copies/first runs

Изображения стандартных темы REAPER убраны в новый формат *.ReaperIconsZip. Это ускорит инсталляцию программы, копирование на USB и первый запуск.

аватар: DDF

Версии одну за одной штампуют,.. почему в Ableton-е всё с точностью наоборот ?..
в Reaper часто и много, а в Live редко и мало, задрали "Лайвовские" апдэйты из серии "Обновлён Файл Помощи" ...
Пипец, Это Потеря Потерь, и Подстава Подстав :))) ...

аватар: ReVizer

Версии одну за одной штампуют,.. почему в Ableton-е всё с точностью наоборот ?..

С финансовой точки зрения им выгодно выволить новшества только в новой "круглой" версии, ведь "круглый" апдейт для пользователя денег стоит, причём приличных.
Ведь наверняка в Ableton без дела не сидят, и их внутренняя сборка частенько обновляется и обрастает наворотами. Просто такая политика у них.

аватар: DDF

Ага не сидят... с 6 версии "Двигло" перебрать не могут, про оптимизацию вообще молчу... чего от следующий версии ждать:
системные требование - 4 гиг 4 ядра ??? ну ни каких подвижек... и при этом всё больше и больше багов пусть маленьких на их кол во просто поражает...

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre2 - March 26 2010

+ FX: last touched parameter is updated only on mouse move, not controller move
+ Envelopes: support double-click to add points to take envelopes (if user has enabled the pref)
+ MIDI editor: mousewheel/relative controller actions to adjust selected event times or values
+ MIDI editor: shift+mousewheel adjusts selected event values by default
+ MIDI editor: shift+horizontal mousewheel (magic mouse) adjusts selected event times by default
+ OSX: support for passing all keyboard input to plug-in, for Carbon-based plug-ins
+ OSX: removed excess processing on startup when switching between architectures (intel/ppc/64)
+ (remove for release) zipped theme support improvements relating to toolbar images, etc


аватар: Nikolas Quemtri

Релиз: 32 марта 2010 года.

Возрадуемся, товарищи! :)))

аватар: samznaeshkto

Ага, вот и первая первоапрельская шутка! :-)))))

аватар: future-bit

v3.41pre3 - April 1 2010

+ Preferences: the official russian interface and Help
+ reaper is free for russian now
+ FX: Ni created Kontakt Reaper Edition 4, which can be downloaded for free on our site

аватар: pryzma

эх... если бы эту новость вчера или завтра написали %))))

не верю.
с первым апреля всех!

аватар: Hangglide

v3.41pre3 - April 1 2010

+ Preferences: the official russian interface and Help
+ reaper is free for russian now

Прикольная шутка, когда первую строку прочитал, чуть не поверил)
А вторая вообще жжёт)
С первым! :)

аватар: Steplton

Вот же ж приколисты :) Если бы не вторая строчка, поверил бы :)

аватар: Ежовый Глаз

Блин! :)

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre4 - April 7 2010

+ Actions: creating chromatic MIDI from selected items respects tempo changes
+ Actions: item nudging (up/down/left/right) actions now affect envelope points if an envelope is focused
+ API: Added track FX window showing/hiding APIs
+ Dual trim: editing a shared edge between selected items also edits other selected item pairs
+ Envelopes: avoid creating duplicate envelope points when moving items
+ JS: fixed time_adjustment flipping stereo channels
+ JS: removed configuration for JS path -- always uses common (installed) resource path
+ Media explorer: fixed end of loop glitch on preview of certain items
+ MIDI: correct mildly corrupted MIDI items when loading media
+ MIDI editor: reduce flicker when marquee selecting in piano roll
+ MIDI editor: reduce flicker when changing selection in event list
+ MIDI editor: shift+mousewheel (reassignable) adjusts selected event values in event list
+ OGG/Vorbis: Updated to libogg-1.2.0, libvorbis-1.3.1
+ ReaScript: fixed Python support on OSX (broken in 3.4)
+ SoundTouch: fixed processing of single sample blocks
+ VST: fix for broken plug-ins that send NULL VstEvents
+ Windows: faster display updating on some actions
+ Windows: installer installs start menu/desktop icons to all users rather than current user (TODO TEST)
+ Windows: installer file type registrations separate for x64 and x86 (TODO TEST)
+ Windows: user-editable content (themes, JS, etc) are now installed to user profile directory automatically

v3.41pre3 - March 30 2010

+ MIDI editor: reduced piano key and CC lane dropdown box flicker
+ Update main window immediately following actions when non-lazy updates enabled

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre5 - April 8 2010

+ Action: reset all MIDI devices
+ Envelopes: do not change envelope point selection when opening context menu
+ Envelopes: do not focus envelopes on many operations (such as moving env pts from track to track)
+ Envelopes: fixed envelope state changing on y-move of media items
+ (remove this comment) OSX: fixed shift+mousewheel, shift+horizwheel in MIDI event list
+ (remove this comment) Action: adjust last touched FX parameter does not follow controller moves
+ (remove this comment) MIDI editor: fixed hanging notes created on load
+ (remove this comment) MIDI editor: reduce flicker when scrolling piano roll up/down

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre6 - April 9 2010

+ Free item positioning mode: preserve auto-crossfades when automatically repositioning items
+ Free item positioning mode: preserve existing item arrangement when recording new items
+ Trim behind items: option to always trim behind active items when editing (prevent overlaps)
+ Trim behind items: option to always trim behind new items when recording (prevent splitting/takes)
+ Trim behind items: options can be changed via Options menu or actions (can be placed on toolbar)
+ OSX: fixed underscore entry in JS editor
+ Video: better showing of frames when stopped, moving items, etc
+ (remove this comment) Action: reset all MIDI devices is exported
+ (remove this comment) MIDI: fixed bug when importing MIDI items that contain overlapping notes

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre7 - April 10 2010

+ Action: remove fadein/fadeout for selected items
+ Item and waveform drawing: draw items more consistently opaque when their audio masks other items
+ Trim behind items: editing option applies when pasting, importing, drag/dropping media
+ Video: improved stopped behavior, scrub behavior, native FFmpeg support if installed
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: allow looped multitake recording, but do not add takes to existing items
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: fixed bug when recording over something that was just recorded
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: editing one item edge will not trim behind the other edge
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: adjust existing fadeins/fadeouts properly when trimming
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: various drawing improvements while moving items
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items/auto-crossfade: revert to the last chosen option when disabling

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre8 - April 11 2010

+ Action: enable/disable default media item fadein/fadeout
+ Media item fades: alt+click deletes fadein/fadeout
+ Media item fades: shift+drag moves entire crossfade region regardless of whether autocrossfades are enabled
+ Recording: project secondary path, can set per track option to use secondary path
+ ReaControlMIDI: added UTF8 support for UI
+ REX: faster peaks display
+ REX: can now change tempo in all-slices mode via source properties
+ (remove this comment) UTF8 support for theme/etc autoinstall
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: autoxfade overrides trim-behind for most edits, but trim-behind still works for insert/paste/etc
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: with autoxfade enabled, moving items completely over other items still does trim-behind
+ (remove this comment) Video-ffmpeg: fixed video decoding colorspaces on some formats (like mjpeg)
+ (remove this comment) Video-ffmpeg: added video and audio stream information in source properties dialog
+ (remove this comment) Video-ffmpeg: fixed opening files with filenames containing international characters

аватар: Kriva

Ревизер я думаю было бы неплохо, чтоб добавили к микшеру канал - "Селектед ченел" [чтоб немучаться с посылами (решая ету задачу)] как в ФЛ., чтоб можна было кинуть на "Селектед ченел" спектральный анализатор или же ещё каких-то эффектов, чтоб быстро можно прослушать + посмотреть на спектральный анализатор на выделеный нами канал микера =)это очень удобно...вот к примеру написали уже целый трек.. и слышиш, что немножко реверберации нехватает и незнаеш куда её лучше немного добавить и как будет лучше, или кинуть на пад, или на ударники?? - чтоб некидать к примеру туда и туда реверба - мы просто берём вешаем его на селектед ченел и прослушиваем результат с етим ревером наводя на нужный нам канал микшера (удобно для быстрого и различного рода експерементов)... Вообщем думаю было бы неплохо, чтоб зделали такой независимый "селектед ченел =)" ну в крайнем случае, чтоб его можно было добавить/удалить с микшера! =)

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre9 - April 13 2010

+ Cursors: item fadein/fadeout cursor is easier to see, new xfade_move cursor for crossfade shift+drag
+ Media item fades: shift+right click a crossfade to change the fade shape of both sides at once
+ OSX: themed cursor support, cleanups to cursors to match Windows
+ OSX: mouse modifiers now update cursors in display
+ OSX: 64-bit VST UI support
+ OSX: safer closing of VST configurations when unloading (force autorelease)
+ OSX: Fixed AU cocoa views for some plug-ins
+ OSX: avoid trying to use PPC bridging if rosetta is not installed
+ Peaks: better logic for building when using multiple projects and recording
+ Windows: file reading: if a file cannot be read because it is being written, try to open anyway
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: deleting crossfades splits both items in the center of the fade
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: shift+control reverses auto-crossfade setting when editing one half of a crossfade
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: overrides auto-crossfade when pasting items
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: fixed OSX redraw when pasting items
+ (remove this comment) Auto-crossfade: updated toolbar button
+ (remove this comment) Enable/disable default item fades: checkbox in prefs/project/defaults (also actions for it)

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre10 - April 14 2010

+ MIDI editor: fixed CPU hang on some builds when scrolling to C-1
+ Presets: now stored in appdata/presets by default (old preset- filenames still work in their existing paths)
+ VST: do not unload plug-ins from RAM, unless new option for old behavior is set
+ (remove this comment) Deleting item fadein/fadeout/crossfade works on all selected items
+ (remove this comment) Drawing improvements when in trim-behind edit mode
+ (remove this comment) Control+drag copy of time selection of items always uses default item fade length
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: fixed crash when playing silent videos in Media Explorer
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: program file plugins folder will now also be scanned for FFmpeg DLLs

аватар: gspot

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre11 - April 16 2010

+ Actions: support for (Windows) logo key / (OSX) control key for shortcuts
+ Peaks: show preview peaks on items currently being recorded and inserted in project/other projects
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: fixed crash when seeking on some Quicktime H.264 videos
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: fixed hang on video files with multichannel audio
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: improved video frame sync accuracy
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: avoid clearing existing crossfades when slipping item content
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: shift+control forces auto-crossfades for some kinds of edits
+ (remove this comment) Item fades: avoid wrongly editing half a crossfade when multiple items are selected

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre12 - April 18 2010

+ Windows: pdf/chm files can now be read from either the program folder or the appdata folder
+ Splash: better behavior when relaunching while splash is still open
+ Splash: show splash screen in taskbar when launching
+ (remove this comment) Media item fades: deleting fades follows the same selection/grouping logic as edits
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: removed shift+control modifier to force auto-crossfades
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: pref for how to edit crossfades
+ (remove this comment) Trim behind items: unedited edges don't trim-behind when relative edge edits disabled
+ (remove this comment) Cursors: update crossfade edit/move cursor when modifiers change without mouse move
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: encoder now uses proper extension
+ (remove this comment) Video-FFmpeg: only show in render window

аватар: gspot

+ Windows: pdf/chm files can now be read from either the program folder or the appdata folder

а это еще шо такое?

аватар: Steplton

это в их понимании крайне необходимые функции :)

аватар: nickmoritz

это в их понимании крайне необходимые функции :)

и то правда! даже не представляю, как я до этого без этой функции жил =)

p.s. теперь буду юзать её ежедневно! каждое утро с 7:00 и до 13:30 включительно ;)

аватар: ReVizer

v3.41pre13 - April 20 2010

+ OSX: fixed ReaMote bridge support
+ (remove this comment) moved appdata docs searching to Docs/
+ (remove this comment) action to create crossfade affects grouped items
+ (remove this comment) better hit testing of right edge of left item in crossfade
+ (remove this comment) revised treatment of installation files (uses InstallData/ folder to prevent confusion)
+ (remove this comment) Windows: moved cdrecord.exe to Plugins/

аватар: Hangglide

что-то у них обновления какие-то, так сказать, жидковатые

аватар: ReVizer

что-то у них обновления какие-то, так сказать, жидковатые

Эти обновления вообще по идеи качают только ради тестов, последний релиз 3.4. Не могут же они каждый день выпускать "сенсации" :)
В 3.41 полезности будут, к примеру добавили кучу фишек по работе с фасками.


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